Ciao Tutti!

Attending design exhibitions, experiencing art installations and observing retail displays provides me with a lot of inspiration for interior and editorial styling. Books are a common theme and one of the most versatile accessories found in every interior stylists' toolkit.

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, there were many examples where books were styled to enhance the presentation of furniture. Art books were left open to unite a collection of objects on a surface, architecture books were selected so the cover would provide color to help connect with a rug, and graphic typography books were displayed in wire boxes, like small fencing, to fortify an outdoor theme.

Other companies displayed books with their spines facing into a bookcase or stacked them like organic brickwork to fill entire shelves. They added height and composition by raising plants or objects, created blocks of color, and were bound together with belts.

Most often the book jackets were removed to reveal the solid color, and texture, of the hardcover. Some books even had the entire cover removed. Styling with books can elevate your own collection of objects and create a focal point within a room. Think vertical or horizontal planes and hidden spaces. 

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